I am a BRIT Award and Mercury Music Prize nominated musician, composer and producer, best known as the former guitarist of the English indie rock band Guillemots. Over the past five years I have dedicated my skills to film scores, with a number of successful shorts in my repertoire. I bring comprehensive knowledge of music production techniques, developed over years as a professional recording artist, working with some of the world’s leading producers and artists. My aptitude for translating visuals into sound has been refined and developed during my two-decade long career. Recognized for my highly experimental approach, I continue to expand the creative possibilities of sound with guitars, synths and new technologies.


Pre Invisible Monster, Short film, Director, Matt Harris-Freeth Acasa, Short film, Director, Chloe Boreham


One Dollar, Short film, Director, Adam Ciancio Blood Mountain, Art installation, Artist, Suzie Blake


Dose, Short film, Director, Trey Vollmer Noteworthy, Short film, Director, Jimmy Prosser


A Torture Treatment, Art installation, Artist, Suzie Blake


Blackthorne, TV series, Directors, A.P Hunt & Ethan Sanchez Alchemy, Short film, Director, Sheridan De Myers Women of the West, Documentary, Director, Suzie Blake


Thinking Out Loud, Short film, Director, Sheridan De Myers Boris In The Forest, Short film, Director, Robert Hackett


Right, So What Are You Thinking?, Short film, Director, MC Lord Magrão




Not Mine, EP, Hero Records


Faraway, EP, Hero Records



Hello Land!, LP, The State 51 Conspiracy Records Fleet, Single, The State 51 Conspiracy Records


Walk the River, LP, Geffen Records The Basket, Single, Geffen Records I Must Be A Lover, Single, Geffen Records I Don't Feel Amazing Now, Single, Geffen Records


Red, LP, Polydor Records Get Over It, Single, Polydor Records Falling Out of Reach, Single, Polydor Records Kriss Kross/Clarion, Single, Polydor Records


Annie, Let's Not Wait, Single, Polydor Records


Through the Windowpane, LP, Polydor Records Of the Night, EP, Fantastic Plastic Records From the Cliffs, EP, Fantastic Plastic Records We're Here, Single, Polydor Records Made-Up Lovesong no.43, Single, Fantastic Plastic Records


I Saw Such Things in My Sleep, EP, Fantastic Plastic Records Trains to Brazil, Single, Polydor Records



Move, Feature film, “If the World Ends” “Get Over It” “Inside” “Yesterday is Dead”


PES, Video game, “Kris Kross” “Trains to Brazil”


ILK, Short film, “On You”


Gossip Girl, TV series, s.2 ep.7, “Sea Out” How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, Feature film, “Get Over It” The Inbetweeners, TV series, s.1, ep.2, “Made Up Lovesong #43”

Selected Press

Return Of The Monster, X film, 3rd December, 2018 Where are they now? BBC Sound Of... acts from 10 years ago, BBC, 1st December, 2015 Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview W/ LUNGS, A Music Blog, Yeah, by Alicia Atout, 20th November, 2013 Track Of The Day – LUNGS – ‘Not Mine’, The VPME, by Andy Von Pip, 5th November, 2013 Track Of The Day 17/6 – LUNGS, Clash, by Robin Murray, 17th June, 2013 LUNGS/Faraway/Loner, Artrocker, by Sam Willis, 12th June, 2013 Lungs – Faraway, Indie Shuffle, by Christina Bartolini, 22nd June 2013 Listen: L U N G S Share New ‘Faraway’ Track, This is Fake DIY, by Jamie Milton, 4th March, 2013 Album: Guillemots, Hello Land! (The State 51 Conspiracy), The Independent, by Andy Gill, 30th June, 2012 Guillemots to release four albums in six months, NME, by Leonie Cooper, 27th June, 2012 Guillemots to release four albums this year, confirms Fyfe Dangerfield, Digital Spy, by Kate Goodacre, 7th May, 2012 Guillemots – Hello Land!, Music OMH, by John Murphy, 7th May, 2012 Guillemots - A band back in fine feather, The Independent, by Gillian Orr, 8th April, 2011 Darker disc for Guillemots, by Kim Dawson, Daily Star, 19th April, 2011 Album Review: Guillemots - 'Walk The River', NME, by Tim Chester, by Ailbhe Malone, 20th April, 2011 Album Review: Guillemots Walk the River, Pitchfork, by Marc Hogan, 20th April, 2011 Album Review: Guillemots Walk the River, Drowned in Sound by David Edwards, 19th April, 2011 The Edge Chats With Two of the Four Guillemots, The Edge, by Jospeh Taylor, 1st November 2011 Album: Guillemots, Walk the River (Polydor), The Independent, by Simon Price, 17th April, 2011 Interview: Guillemots frontman Fyfe Dangerfield, The Scotsman, 17th January, 2010 Guillemots aim to show they're no fly-by-nights, The Independent, by Elisa Bray, 28th April, 2008 Interview: Guillemots, Music OMH, by Ben Hogwood, 3rd August, 2008 New Guillemots Video – “Falling Out Of Reach”, Stereogum, by Amrit Singh, 29th August, 2008 Guillemots: Not like any other pop, The Telegraph, by Neil McCormick, 1st March, 2008 Album Review: Guillemots - 'Red’, NME, by Jamie Crossan, 29th February, 2008 Guillemots Ready ‘Poppier’ New Album, Uncut, 23rd January, 2008 Album Review: Guillemots Through the Windowpane, Pitchfork, by Marc Hogan, 28thJuly, 2006 Review: Guillemots From the Cliffs, Pithcfork, by Stuart Berman, 22nd March, 2006 Feature: Guillemots, Clash Music, 2nd July, 2006 Flash forward, The Guardian, by Sarah Boden, 20th March, 2006 Music Interview: Guillemots, Londonist, by Dave Newbury, 1st April, 2006 Sound of 2006: The Top 10, BBC, 6th January, 2006