MC is a Brazilian born multi-instrumentalist and composer, best know as the former guitarist of British band Guillemots. 

Guillemots were nominated for both the Mercury Music Prize and the BRIT Awards. Highlights included doing live re-scores of films such as Eraserhead and Oldboy, and a live performance with the London Orchestra as part of the BBC Electric Proms. 

MC was introduced to music via the trumpet at the age of 9, then went on to play bass, and guitar. He explores sounds and textures using everyday tools and objects musically; power drills on his guitar and playing the matchbox, typewriter, elastic band and a 2m long clothes peg percussively. He is continuously experimenting, now using digital and analogue effects units to create otherworldly soundscapes.

Currently he’s based in Melbourne, Australia - a long way away from the whirr of London and São Paulo.